Lit Research Team

Al Shefsky


I was born and raised in Toronto and I love this city. My personal cannabis journey started 50 years ago. I have learned about cannabis from personal experience, extensive reading and working closely with world class academic researchers and institutions. I have always placed a high value on education.


Hey, i’m Joao. I’m passionate about helping people to have a good time and I can’t see a better way to do so than providing you with the best cannabis information. If you want to have a great sesh with some real ones, just stop by and let’s get Lit.


Hey, my name is Sean and my favourite thing is finding new great weed. Whether at work or at home, I have a bit of a problem in either talking about, researching, or smoking too much weed! But isn’t that what you want from your budtender? I’ll repeat that… budtender. It’s a term I take pride in.