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Product Development

In house research sessions with external or internal participants before market launch.

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Data Generation

On-brand sensory research data compiled from R&D, events, and groups.

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Focus Groups

Participants selected for market insight objectives performing research in focus groups.

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Advertising Opportunities

Exclusive advertising opportunities increasing brand visibility.

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Research Events

Events for cannabis brands and producers to gain sensory data or increase market expansion.

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Cannabis Branding

Working together in developing bespoke cannabis brand identities for your company.

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Success stories from our clients

“Launching the Cookies Pink Rozay at Lit Research was an exciting experience. The entire staff were very accommodating and helpful. They provided us with a beautiful, comfortable space, which allowed us to share and educate groups of budtenders on our new products coming to market.”


Brand Ambassador at Cookies

“Al and the team at Lit Research are a passionate experienced group. They consistently deliver a unique experience that’s authentic to our brands. Our events at Lit Research generate valuable data and enhance our relationships with the retail and consumer communities.”

Kevin J.

Director of Sales at EastCann

“We recently had a new product launch, and it was a no brainer on where we wanted to host the launch events. Having the ability to complete these sessions indoors makes for an intimate event with real time feedback loops. We direct people to Lit Research and have them try our STORZ & BICKEL vaporizers prior to purchase which has provided an increase to our sales and distribution of our products.”

Danielle H.

National Sales Manager at Storz & Bickel

“When it’s time to launch a new product, or even a new brand, the first thing our LP does is reach out to Lit Research. The ability to invite budtenders and buyers to join us indoors to test a new release generates a lot of buzz. Lit’s feedback surveys provide useful data based on the actual product experience, and the support team is friendly, helpful, and super knowledgeable.”

Steve S.

Brand Ambassador at Atlas Global Brands

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