Research Event Services

How Research Events Work

Research events at Lit Research bring the retail community together including retail store buyers, managers, owners and budtenders to learn about and sample cannabis products. With a capacity of 48 participants, events at Lit Research offer a unique opportunity for producers to provide product knowledge and a product testing experience. The retail community enjoys participating in research events at Lit Research, which are educational, fun and social, networking experiences. Sampling products at Lit Research events allows the retail community to experience the products in a way that is not possible at other events and conferences.

Increased Brand Awareness

Ditch the old way of visiting retailers in person or handing out educational samples that provide no feedback. It is far more impactful to bring members of the retail community together to deliver product knowledge and let them sample your products in person.

Drive Sales

By targeting members of the retail community, events at Lit Research bring together the people who make and influence product buying decisions. Events are designed to focus attention on Brands’ and products’ differentiating factors.

Robust Data Generation

Feedback is compiled into an on-brand data report showcasing participant sensory preference data.

Lit Research Event Guidelines

– Education and testing events begin and end according to the preset schedule

– A Lit Research administrator will explain the intake process, how to conduct product testing and how to fill out the Participant Evaluation Form

– Participants will receive one sample at a time and will complete the Participant Evaluation Form for that sample before being considered for testing another research product

– Participants may only test cannabis research products administered by Lit Research personnel during an event

– Participants may not use tobacco, alcohol, or any other intoxicating substances during their study session at Lit Research

– Participants may not share cannabis research products at Lit Research

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