Empowering consumers. Generating powerful data driven outcomes.

At Lit Research, consumers enjoy unique value-added educational experiences and are empowered as influencers with a voice in determining which products will be successful in the market.


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Generating powerful data driven outcomes

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals develop and execute customized sensory studies with real consumers in a real world setting in the heart of the busiest cannabis market in Canada. Data generated from sensory research informs industry stakeholders and provides producers with a competitive advantage that supports product innovation and improved outcomes.

Data Reporting

Sensory data obtained from studies at Lit Research are compiled into an on-brand data report.

Achieving Objectives

Events can target retail buyers and other members of the retail community or Lit research can recruit participants with particular experience and knowledge depending on the Producer’s own objectives.

Established team with a reputation in the community as the trusted source for cannabis knowledge and experience.


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Research Administrator


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